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by | Jun 19, 2019 | Exercise Education | 0 comments

Many people exercise to lose weight. That is only a side benefit to exercise and if it is the only reason you exercise you most likely will not maintain a sensible daily exercise regimen.The most important reason to exercise is for “quality of life “

Living a healthy lifestyle is what gives you the best “quality” of life you can have. As we age we realize more and more how important our fitness levels become. A persons best “quality of life” can be achieved through daily exercise and healthy eating.

But there’s even more!
So what does weight loss, exercise daily, and proper nutrition get you in addition to a great quality of life. Here are just a few more reasons to exercise.

Exercise relieves stress. We all have that in our lives!

Exercise is a natural antidepressant.

Exercise improves memory and cognitive function

Exercise and a healthy diet improves your stamina and energy level.

Exercise can increase your confidence.

Exercise reduces heart related issues

Exercise will strengthen your muscles and bones

Exercise will make you look and feel younger.

Exercise is the Fountain of Youth!