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CJ’s Personal Best is an owner/operated fitness center that offers individualized training programs based on each client’s fitness goals. We get to know each of our client’s strengths and weaknesses and overall fitness level so we can tailor a program that is safe and effective. Being owner/operated means that you will have the same trainers working with you each time you work out. We want YOU to achieve your fitness goals and will provide the support and consistent training program to make that happen.

Our fitness center offers programs for everyBODY, all fitness levels, ages, and challenges, whether that be physical or motivational. We also offer programs based on specific goals, for example, if you are enlisting in the military and need to pass a PFT, are a firefighter, policeman/woman, or a paramedic and need to get in shape in a short period of time to pass your physical exams, we can help! We have helped numerous military and other public service men and women achieve their goals and make their dreams a reality.

We are NOT a gym with 24/7-hour access. All training sessions are by appointment and are one-on-one with a certified personal trainer. Find out more about how we achieve incredible results for our clients.

Our training philosophy focuses on building core strength while also increasing muscle tone and improving your cardiovascular fitness. There is More to your Core than most people realize, which is why it is the foundation of all our training programs.

Your core muscles include not only your abs, but all the muscle groups in your torso, essentially everything from your shoulders down to your pelvis. Developing the muscles in your core leads to better balance and stability, better posture and dramatically reduces the chance of falls, injuries, back and neck pain. Your core muscle groups are activated by every day activities from sitting in a chair working on your computer, to texting, to vacuuming your house as well as playing sports. Optimizing your core strength will help improve every aspect of your fitness program and will make you stronger in your everyday life as well.


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