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Gym Injuries

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Exercise Education | 0 comments

More than 8.6 Million Exercise related injuries occur in the US annually

It doesn’t seem intuitive that by working out trying to improve your health you are putting yourself at risk for injury; however exercise-related injuries occur a lot more often than most people realize.

Here are some facts:

  • Approximately 50% of all exercise-related injuries result in treatment at a doctor’s office or other health clinic
  • General exercise was the most common culprit of injuries
  • Knee injuries, ankle sprains and concussions are the most common injury outcome

Working out with a personal trainer who is familiar with your fitness level and previous injuries is one of the best strategies to avoid exercise injuries.

At CJ’s Personal Best, we believe that consistency of the personal trainer you work with is also key to the most effective AND safe workout possible. We are an owner/operated fitness center that offers one-on- one personal training and has a track record of putting our client’s safety first. In fact, the #1 reason many of our client’s chose CJ’s Personal Best Fitness is because they knew their workouts were supervised by a personal trainer that knows them and is familiar with their fitness level and concerns.  At CJ’s Personal Best Fitness, our personal trainers:

  • Design custom program with appropriate exercises for each client to avoid injuries
  • Instruct clients as they perform each exercise to ensure proper form and alignment

We believe this strategy is the best approach for YOU to achieve a whole new level of fitness.

Don’t let exercise related injuries happen to you, your family or friends. Do your research and choose a fitness center that focuses on putting their client’s safety first.

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